attributes for objects (add, multiply)


9245855- 8jun2023 – 9245855c6352a96de512734309a1d6c984dc6053

  • added Attributes column for objects – attributes like Cost of Goods, mass, color, material and so on, can now be added to the object’s information. The format for each attribute is:

    CoG = ( value = 20, unit = EUR ) 

    Attributes are either separated by a semicolon ‘; ‘ or by Alt-Return in the Excel cell. 

  • In case objects are part of a bigger whole (e.g. an assembly), the higher-level object can count or sum the individual objects. The format for the assembly object in the Attribute column is: 

    CoG = ( operation = +, unit = EUR )

    Currency can be converted (to the parent currency) for codes listed in Conversion ratios are updated once per 24 hours.
    Simple physics is also converted (e.g. grams to kilograms).

  • Simple attributes are not converted

    material = lead
    color = red



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